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Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management Services (non-discretionary investment management services) provides objective, individualized portfolio planning and ongoing investment management.  AFA and your investment advisor representative perform the research, selection and monitoring of your portfolio.  The process is simple.

  • Your financial advisor/investment advisor representative will review with you the following aspects of your financial situation: (i) assets and liabilities; (ii) goals and objectives; (iii) liquidity needs; (iv) risk tolerances; (v) tax status; and (vi) other variables relevant to understanding your unique circumstances. From these interviews, your financial advisor can get a clear picture of your financial personality.  
  • With sophisticated software, which uses modern portfolio theory, your financial advisor then prepares an investment plan based on your personal profile and a long-term, disciplined approach designed to meet your financial objectives. This plan becomes your Investment Policy Statement and is used to arrange the allocation of your assets.
  • Once accepted, your financial advisor helps you implement your investment plan, suggesting suitable investments based on your investment policy.
  • AFA provides quarterly detailed reports on your investments giving you comparisons to industry indexes. These reports are not just a listing of the transactions on your account, but provide valuable information with your investment returns, gains and losses, yield analysis, and allocation percentages.


Wealth Management Services provide:

  • Risk Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Detailed Quarterly Statements
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Periodic Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Complete Portfolio Evaluation
  • Annual IPS Review and Update
  • Full Service Transfers
  • Automatic Fee Deduction
  • Debit Cards and Checkwriting
  • Access to top-rated mutual funds, listed equities and bond issues
  • Online Account Access


Please read our Form ADV Part II, Brochure Supplement, Form CRS for more information on our services and fees.