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AFA Services

Wealth Accumulation Planning - designing the roadmap to your financial goals.


When you work with AFA to plan your financial future, we give you impartial recommendations on retirement, college funding, accumulation, and qualified plan distributions, to name a few.  AFA does not sell any products and we do not suggest any specific products in your financial plan. 

Wealth Management Services - guiding your investments to reach your objectives.


When you work with AFA to manage your investments, we help you set your investment goals, evaluate your current holdings, and setup an investment strategy.  We help you control your investment expenses by using top-rated mutual funds we can obtain without transaction fees or front-end loads.  The AFA Investment Committee uses a quantitative evaluation process to select funds to suggest to our clients.  Since AFA does not accept any commissions, we are not tied to any specific investment.

Please read our Form ADV Brochure, Brochure Supplement, and Form CRS for more information on our services and fees.